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35x16mm Fancy Key Vintaj Natural Brass 35x16mm Fancy Key (VT040) Product Details
36.5x25mm Oval Connector Vintaj Natural Brass 36.5x25mm Oval Connector (VT044) Product Details
36x26.5mm Mushroom Blank Vintaj Natural Brass 36x26.5mm Mushroom Blank (VTP0067) Product Details
36x36.5mm Skyward Bird Vintaj Natural Brass 36x36.5mm Skyward Bird (VT050) Product Details
40mm Mod Flower Vintaj Natural Brass 40mm Mod Flower (VT522) Product Details
40mm Multi-Tiered Donut Natural brass donut Product Details
40x20mm Perched Owl Vintaj Natural Brass 40x20mm Perched Owl (VT052) Product Details
41x8.5mm Tag Vintaj Natural Brass 41x8.5mm Tag (VTP0518) Product Details
42mm Passion Flower Petal Filigree Natural brass Passion Flower Petal Filigree Product Details
43x13mm Skeleton Key Natural brass Skeleton Key Product Details
43x35mm Songbird Vintaj Natural Brass 43x35mm Songbird (VT051) Product Details
44mm Loves Me Daisy Vintaj Natural Brass 44mm Loves Me Daisy (VTP0009) Product Details
44x24mm Alchemy Vintaj Natural Brass 44x24mm Alchemy (VTDP0025) Product Details
45mm Princess Cut Filigree Vintaj Natural Brass 45mm Princess Cut Filigree (VTF350) Product Details
45x20mm Dapped Rectangle Blank Connector Natural brass Dapped Rectangle Blank Connector Product Details
47mm Rhapsody Medallion Vintaj Natural Brass 47mm Rhapsody Medallion (VT035) Product Details
47x42mm Large North Star Vintaj Natural Brass 47x42mm Large North Star (VT502) Product Details
48mm Openwork Flower Filigree Vintaj Natural Brass 48mmm Openwork Flower Filigree (VTF310) Product Details
48x12mm Flower Stencil Natural brass Flower Stencil Product Details
50mm Branch Vintaj Natural Brass 50mm Branch (VTEM0070) Product Details

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