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Vintaj® Natural Brass

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20x14mm Embossed Keyhole Natural brass Embossed Keyhole Product Details
20x16mm Clock Hands Natural brass 20x16mm Clock Hands Product Details
20x18mm Queen Bee Connector Natural brass Bee Connector Product Details
21mm Rectangle Tag Altered Blanks Vintaj Natural Brass (Includes 2) 21mm Rectangle Tag Altered Blanks (VTDP0005) Product Details
21x13 Luggage Tag Vintaj Natural Brass 21x13 Luggage Tag (VTP0519) Product Details
21x15mm Diamond Filigree Natural brass Diamond Filigree Product Details
22mm Rectangle Blanks Natural brass 22mm Rectangle Blanks - 2 pieces Product Details
23x12mm Lyrical Filigree Natural brass Lyrical Filigree Product Details
24mm Beaded Flower Natural brass beaded flower Product Details
24x12mm Perching Owl Vintaj Natural Brass 24x12mm Perching Owl (VT011) Product Details
24x16.5mm Petite Scroll Vintaj Natural Brass 24x16.5mm Petite Scroll (VT046) Product Details
25mm Circle Blanks Natural brass 25mm Circle Blanks - 2 pieces Product Details
25x18mm Harvest Grapes Natural brass Harvest Grapes Product Details
26x25mm Filigree Star Natural brass Filigree Star Product Details
28mm Hawaiian Flower Vintaj Natural Brass 28mm Hawaiian Flower (VT053) Product Details
28mm Scrolled Filigree Ring Natural brass Filigree Ring Product Details
28x16mm Hummingbird Charm Vintaj Natural Brass 28x16mm Hummingbird Charm (VTDP105) Product Details
28x22mm Blossoming Duet Natural brass Blossoming Duet Product Details
28x22mm North Star Vintaj Natural Brass 28x22mm North Star (VT501) Product Details
29mm Journal Page Vintaj Natural Brass 29mm Journal Page (VT054) Product Details

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