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1/4" Nail Head Rivets Natural brass 1/4" Nail Head Rivets - 12 pieces Product Details
10mm Standard Washers Natural brass 10mm Standard Washers - 6 pieces Product Details
11mm Filigree Tube Bead Vintaj Natural Brass 11mm Filigree Tube Bead (VTBD130) Product Details
12mm Circle Tag Altered Blanks Natural Brass (Includes 2) 12mm Circle Tag Altered Blanks (VTDP0004) Product Details
12x30mm Etruscan 2-Hole Connector Vintaj Natural Brass 12x30mm Etruscan 2-Hole Connector (VTC2H60) Product Details
13mm Fairy Petals Natural brass fairy petals - 2 pieces Product Details
13x8mm Filigree Cone End Cap Natural brass Cone End Cap Product Details
14x18mm 3-hole Filigree Natural brass 3-hole Filigree Product Details
15x11mm Teensie Hearts Natural brass teensie hearts - 2 pieces Product Details
16mm Beaded Flower Natural brass beaded flower Product Details
16mm Dangles & Drops Connector Vintaj Natural Brass 16mm Connector (VTC6H10) Product Details
16mm Fleur De Lis Stencil Natural brass Fleur De Lis Stencil Product Details
16mm Round Flower Stencil Natural brass Round Flower Stencil Product Details
16mm Sand Dollar Charm Vintaj Natural Brass 16mm Sand Dollar Charm (VTDP80) Product Details
19mm Button Blank Vintaj Natural Brass 19mm Button Blank (VTEM0001) Product Details
19mm Six Petal Cut Out Natural brass Six Petal Cut Out Product Details
19x14mm Love Birds Connector Natural brass Love Birds Product Details
19x18mm Delicate Heart Vintaj Natural Brass 19x18mm Delicate Heart (VTDP0013) Product Details
20mm Square Blanks Natural brass 20mm Square Blanks - 2 pieces Product Details
20mm Square Dapped Filigree Natural brass Square Dapped Filigree Product Details

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