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How do I place an order on your website?
It's easy to place an order. Simply click on the the button to add to the cart. If you click it more than once you will purchase more items. Our site is easy to navigate. Your back button will return you to the previously viewed page. Once you have completed your shopping you may view the cart and check-out. You may click on the cart menu item to check your cart at any time and if you change your mind during the check-out process you can continue to shop. 

This is the first time I have ordered and my discount doesn't show on my order.
All discounts are deducted before your credit card is charged. We will provide an invoice to reflect this in your shipment.

I am having trouble with the shopping cart.  It's not saving my items.
Shopping carts utilize cookies to save your data and to personalize your shopping experience.  Cookies must be enabled on your browser to save your shopping cart.  To enable cookies in Internet Explorer access your Tools menu, Internet Options, and Privacy to enable cookies on your Web Browser. 

What forms of payment do you accept?
We currently process payments thru Paypal but of course you can use any major credit card when using Paypal.
How often do you ship orders?
Orders are shipped daily, Tuesday thru Friday, and we generally will ship within one business day of receiving your order.

If I don't finish shopping today will my information be saved in the cart?
You can come and go from the site as you choose.  Your selections will be saved in the cart as long as you have allowed cookies.

Do I need a Seller's Permit to purchase on your website?
Even though our gemstone prices are at or near wholesale, you do not need a Seller's Permit to purchase on our website.  If you are located in that State of California, and don't have a California Seller's Permit, we are required by law to charge California sales tax.

I placed an order on line.  Instead of receiving it by mail, may I pick it up at your retail store? 
The short answer is yes, but please be aware that the package will only be ready for pick-up once the web order is finalized.  Retail store hours and web hours vary so if you want to pick it up place a note in the comment section of your order and we will email you when your purchase is ready for pick-up.

I placed an order from outside of the State of California but I will be in California for vacation.  May I pick it up at the retail store?
You may pick-up your order at the retail store, however, it will be subject to California sales tax.

I have a frequent shopper's card for the retail location.  Is this card stamped for online sales?
Discount offers that are available online are often different than what is available in the store.  Retail frequent shopper's cards are only utilized at the retail location. 

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